Shipload of Titanic books as 100th anniversary of sinking nears

Encyclopedia Titanica

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Feb 22, 2012
Does the world need more books about the Titanic? Probably about as much as it needs a 3-D version of James Cameron's movie. Still, a veritable shipload is being released to commemorate the April 14 100th anniversary of the sinking. While the world would continuing spinning without most of them, happily, the titles discussed are all first-rate. All tell the well-trod tale of the rich and famous who sailed on the White Star Line's ill-fated luxury liner; some highlight the effects the catastrophe had on the survivors, and others tell the story of the officers and crew. Two are by Canadians; John Boileau and Hugh Brewster fill out neglected stories of Canadian victims and Halifax's role in the recovery and identification of the 1,517 lost. |


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