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I didn't know where to post this so I'll try here. This popped up in my recommended video lists on YT. Its about ship nomenclature for the design of ships. I found it pretty informative. It seems to be an old WW2 navy trainging film. If someone is interested on how ships parts are named you might give it a look. It was educational to me. Being an airdale in the navy I don't recall getting this training. In boot we spent a few hours on a mock up ship learning a few of the basics. I remember it took a few weeks on my ship to get around using frame numbers and such. Anyway not a bad vid if you have 20 mins to kill.
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A favorite book when I was a child was the "Bluejackets' Manual" (fourteenth edition) that my Dad was issued in 1955 when he started his service in the USN. He must have brought it out when I was a Cub Scout learning about knots and bends. Still have that book in my bookcase.
Funny you should mention that. I was looking at mine the other day. I just looked again. Mine is the 19th edition...says its the fifth printing 1975 with a lot of earlier dates listed. Probably hasn't changed all that much. Mine is the one they issued me in boot. I still have a lot of books from way back when I was in. I'm no good at letting go of books.
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