Ship's name on the wreck [was: I just noticed this...]

Mar 18, 2008
So ... in order to prove or disprove the switch theory, all we need is a good close up detailed shot of Titanic's main beam number. I have no idea if this number still survives or was destroyed in the sinking.

I am not sure you know what you are talking about.

Since either ship is no longer around this may just be an endless debate.

There is no debate only the people who can not accept the facts are always coming up with the switch fantasy.
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Scott Mills

Jul 10, 2008
Indianapolis, Indiana, United States
Hello. I have been looking into the "Switch" theory for a while. First the "Switch" theory does have some merit. In 1912 in order for White Star to pass the safety inspection after the Olympic's collision with the HMS Hawke this would mean that the slight bend in her keel would have to be repaired in order to correct her lists. As many of you know this is nearly an impossible task. The logical conclusion there is that the Olympic would have never been given her safety papers and thus could no longer ferry passengers.

So the motivation here was not to defraud the Insurer but moreover to pull a fast one on the inspectors and get the Olympic's safety papers signed off thus returning her to ferry service and as such making money for the White Star Line. The true Titanic had already passed her inspection and was certified.

As for the "switch" itself, there had been discussion with the board members of White Star about upgrading Olympic's accommodations to that of the Titanic's or better. So IF they were going to "switch" the two ships, then carpet over Olympic's [Titanic's] tile floors and make the two look alike, then what better time to pull this off. They did after all fit out these ships from top to bottom in under 1 year. So putting a few thousand people and telling them a story makes sense and can easily be done with 24/7 shifts.

Here is where I think all other conspiracies die. I DON'T think they intended on sinking her the night of April 14th. I think that was quite literally the perfect storm of events. The calm water, the mirage effect concealing the iceberg (and the ship herself from the Californian) the speed of the ship, the binoculars being locked up and not in the hands of the lookouts and, of course, the iceberg damage to the ship. Had they intended to actually and intentionally sink her then Bruce Ismay would not have been aboard.

I think the true conspiracy here is that White Star fully intended to operate the "sisters" ferrying passengers and taking the business from their competitors. I think they were trying to emphasize luxury over speed and all the PR of the time supports this.

Now some of you are saying, 'well okay so what's your proof the Olympic and Titanic were switched?'. Simple. Look at the blueprints of the Titanic and the pictures of the "Titanic" on the floor of the Atlantic Ocean. The Titanic was fitted with a wing bridge or a floating bridge. This was adjacent to the bridge on both the port and starboard sides of the ship and was intended to aid the harbor pilots, today's cruise vessels have the same thing. If you look at the pictures of the "Titanic's" wreck, you will notice the floating bridge is flush against the hull. This is on the original Olympic Deck plans and was not implemented until the Titanic was built. You can clearly see this in the picture of the two sisters when they're side by side. So lettering aside, rustacles aside, window spacing aside, one has to point and say 'Hey, where's the wing bridge?' There's not even wreckage indicating that it tore off. It's simply not there. But the hull remains flush where it should be. The conclusion is that it IS the 'Olympic' sitting on the bottom of the Atlantic that sank that cold night in April of 1912.

I think this theory was put to rest by the fact that Titanic's hull/yard number (401) and not Olympic's (400) is all over the wreck.
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Cam Houseman

Jul 14, 2020
Maryland, USA
oh ok, thanks Ioannis. I'll remember to write it with an "I" :)
again, off topic, I have a friend from Denmark, she's pretty cool. Its so cool to meet people around the world. I met so many here!!
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