Shipwreck Divers

Brady Shupe

Feb 19, 2007
Hello all!

I'm a junior in highschool, and a Chemistry project requires the students to research not-so-well-known African-America researchers/inventors/chemists. Simply because it is Black History Month.

So I figured I would look into seeing if there are any African-American researchers of the Titanic wreck or similar shipwrecks. I hope you guys can help.

So, I ask you this: Are there any African-American shipwreck researchers? If so, all I ask for is a name and I can research on my own from there.

Thanks in Advance!
Dec 4, 2000
Brady--Check out construction of the Cleveland, Ohio water intake pipeline and "crib" almost a century ago. An accident there proved the value of a rebreather device that let rescuers work in a toxic atmosphere. Until this accident, the device was overlooked because of the inventor's race. Great story.

-- David G. Brown

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