Shipwrecks & Lighthouses ob the OR Coast

Feb 21, 2003
Over a decade or so, when I accompanied my brother & his family; their friends; and our parents on a vacation that took us up the Oregon coast. We made many a stop-over at various tourists attractions...

On one of our stops, I found this Shipwrecks & Lighthouses of the Oregon Coast map that was drawn by Nancy Lloyd, (c)- 1985 - Columbia River Maritime Museum, lists many a shipwrecks that are as early as the late 1700s-present...too many to list here. I can, however, supply you all with the address to where you can write to purchase yourselves a copy:

Columbia River Maritime Museum
1792 Marine Drive
Astoria, Oregon
USA - 97103

Astoria, was one port, adorable Will Murdoch, when serving his apprenticeship aboard the Charles Cotesworth, stopped at earlier on in his seafaring career.

Cliff W West

Jan 28, 2008
The Columbia River Maritime Museum in Astoria is well worth the visit. The lightship Columbia is open for tours daily as is a Coast Guard cutter from time to time.
Near Fort Stevens on Clatsop Beach is the remains of the British Bark Peter Iredale. The ship can be easily reached at low tide. The Iredale went aground in a storm in October 1906.
On the Washington side are two lighthouses. One at North Head and the other at Cape Dissapointment. Both are operating but no access into them is permitted. Excellent view of the Columbia River flowing into the Pacific Ocean from the Cape Dissapointment lighthouse.

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