Maritha Boström

Hi all!

Studying, in close-up, the most detailed deckplans I've got I have a few questions about the shortenings regarding very small places. I'm on Boat deck right now, at the 3rd and 4th funnelbases. What does the LAA (? The plan is a bit fuzzy, I'm not sure that's correct), V and T stand for?

I'm new into this technical part of Titanic, and I don't know much nautical terms even in my mother tounge (Swedish), so figuring out shortenings in another language is not precisely easy.

Hope someone can help me out with this, and I will probably be back with more questions as my study goes on.

Bob Godfrey

Nov 22, 2002
Hallo, Maritha. Some of the abbreviations (shortenings) can vary in meaning, but in the locations you specify V is 'vent' (ie ventilation shaft) and T is the fan trunk. LAA (or L&A) is 'light and air' (ie means of admitting these to spaces on lower decks).
Feb 21, 2013
Lloret de Mar, Gerona (Spain)
I have other abbreviations found on the deckplans from Bruce Beveridge's plans. I put a question mark where I have doubts or if I have no clue at all, hope someone can fill in the gaps:

B: Berth?
CS: ?
D: Desk? Drawer chest?
DRS: DReSser?
DT: Dressing/Dresser Table
FL: ? it's a sort of table with mirror and sink, but I don't know what the letters FL stand for
H: Heater
HP: ?
L: Linen chest
LK: ?
LKR: ?
S: Sink?
SB: ? it's a cupboard, but again I don't know what SB stands for
TE: ?
W: Wardrobe
WR: Wardrobe Room
WT: Writing Table
WTD: Water Tight Door

Bob Godfrey

Nov 22, 2002
Your score is quite good! But keep in mind that the same abbreviation is sometimes used with very different meanings in different areas of a set of deckplans.

B: Bunk
CS: Coal Shute
D: Chest of Drawers
DRS: Drawers
DT: Dressing Table
FL: Folding lavatory (washbasin)
H: Heater
HP: Hot Press
L or LK: Locker
LKR: Probably again means locker
S: Used with different meanings in different contexts (eg Scuttle, Skid Light). Maybe a sink, if it looks like one!
SB: Sideboard
TE: Tunnel Escape
W: Wardrobe
WR: Wardrobe Room
WT: Writing Table
WTD: Watertight Door

Jim Currie

Apr 16, 2008
Funchal. Madeira
P&S on a plan simply means port and starboard. You usually find this on washports, waterways and vent pipes . Instead of drawing a mirror image on the plan, they draw the item on one side and write P&S beside it, That tells you that although you can't see it on the plan, in reality, there's one in the same place on the other side of that particular deck.

Jim C.