Should survivor's families be able to claim Titanic Memrobilia

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I have a journal of Luara Mae Cribb third class passenger who was 17 yrs old on the Titanic she lost her father. I used to visit her when I was a child and she would tell me of her account. Many years late well just last year my brother employed a man whom got her journal that was on board Titanic along with some pursers buttons and a hand written account of the disaster and rescue the family did not attend Lauras funeral when she passed away and wrote to the people that had these items. I feel they did not care about these items untill the movie came out I have numerous letters they wrothe asking to get them. I feel these items should be in a museum for all the world to share there are many drawings one of the Titanic and a picture actual photo on the Titanic.
So what is the moral issue here give it to people who didnt care or share it with the world as a history lesson?

Mark Bray

I think you should keep it. A nice man posting here(I forget who it was) told me about Laura's family not coming to her funeral! What a terrible thing to occur. I know I am speaking on opinion, but if I even had a thought to put one of or both of my parents in a nursing home--I would visit them as much as I could---surely I would go to their funeral. What do they want it for????? They want to gain publicity off it or money---not keep it in their family in cherish it the way you probably do, right? I also think you should donate it to a museum for the whole world to see. How many children did Laura have again. I do remember she had two sons? Who wrote you? How did they even know you had the items? Email me if you would like to talk further.

Mark : )
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