Sick at Sea Bad news for the cruise lines

Apr 11, 2001
Norwegian Sky (NCL) pulled into Seatlle from a 7 day Alaskan Cruise Saturday carrying 55 sick passengers and 5 sick crew. It appears to be one of the noroviruses again and not contaminated food. With the rash of recent cruise liner infections- makes one nervous to board anything floating these days. The phenomenon has had some effect on the cruise booking.
Dec 2, 2000
Easley South Carolina
As I indicated in the New Age of Passenger Liners thread, it's no small marvel that this doesn't happen a lot more often. A lot of the passengers on cruise ships fly in from all over the country which makes for wonderful opportunities for Attila the Germ to get around.

In a closely confined area like the passenger cabin of an aircraft, one could infect hundreds and those people could spead it around to all points on the compass befor the index case even begins to show symptoms. That this hasn't happened on any large scale is either an indication that this bug isn't all that virulant or it's the wildest stroke of good fortune.

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