Sidney Goodwin.

This may have already been posted or asked, but I was wondering when Sidney Goodwin was found was he wearing a lifebelt?

I am probably being rather stupid, but did they proved lifebelts for children that young? If not what sort of life saving equipment was provided for a child of that age?

Any infomation would be much kind, it is a question that has always been bugging me, as I have never seen in the movies or anywhere really. of any kind of lifebelt for a child being shown.

Thank you.
I have read that apart from Sidney Goodwin, every body picked up was wearing a life preserver. I can't remember now where I read it but will try to find it for you.
John Snow, chief embalmer on the recovery ship, recalled that "He came floating to us with little upturned face, the only body recovered who wore no life-belt. Nothing I saw at sea made such an impression upon me.”

Any body which still has air in its lungs can float, but I'd guess that a baby is more buoyant because those parts of its body which contain the least air and lightweight body fat (arms and legs) are proportionately smaller than those of an adult.