Sigh - Titanic Officer's watch for auction

Senan Molony

Jun 28, 1998

Claimed Moody watch, suspiciously shiny engraving

Just two questions for seller TitanicDanny -

How come a November 1911 inscription would be 'To Sixth Officer James Moody' when he didn't join the ship for many more months?

And -

Why do you turn into an imbecile in the description when selling this lot alone?

Sober and intelligent in your descriptions for other shipping memorabilia - which, since you like that pursuit, why were you buying old toys in a biscuit box?

Hanco Bol

Nov 14, 2007
Hi Senan,

Was looking at the watch yesterday as well. Did some research and send the following message afterwards to the seller which was ofcourse not mentioned on the site:

Dear titanicdanny,

Being specialised in Titanic memorabilia for a long time I am sure the watch in not genuine because of the following reasons:

1. The White Star Line did not provide Swiss made "Mentier" watches (try Google)
2. Most watches at that time should at least be of silver or gold(there are no marks)
3. November 1 1911 was no special occasion for James Moody
4. The inscription for his name and the date are different
5. On a watch you do not write: To...
6. If Moody died with the Titanic, why does the watch looks that good in comparison with other watches which had water damage?
7. Mentier is not an official Swiss brand (mostly watches offered on Ebay)

I hope you will add my comment on your listing give bidders the change to make up their decisions.

Pitty that at this moment the bid GBP 500 is. The comments somebody mentioned it is genuine was probably written by himself. Somebody will loose quite some money on this genuine Japanese Titainic watch.

Bob Godfrey

Nov 22, 2002
Most if not all of those anonymous bids are probably no more genuine than the watch itself - always looks good if your garbage seems to be attracting lots of flies. Hopefully he'll end up selling it to himself.

Inger Sheil

Feb 9, 1999
This one was brought to my attention at the time. James Moody *was* a Sixth Officer in November 1911...of the Oceanic, which he had joined in August. I see no reason, however, why anyone would feel the need to present a watch to him in November including that information, as these positions were fluid - in January, he was promoted to Fifth Officer of the Oceanic, and then on joining the Titanic was once again Sixth Officer. Why would anyone need to note a title that was subject to change at short notice, unless connected with a specific event (and I know of no event of that date of significance to him, particularly not in his role as an officer of the Oceanic)?
Oct 8, 2011
>> If Moody died with the Titanic, why does the watch looks that good in comparison with other watches which had water damage?<<. So you're saying that they got this watch out of the water among the debris? In that case, wouldn't it be attached to Moody himself?