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Discussion in 'Guestbook and Comments' started by Philip Hind, Nov 20, 1996.

  1. Philip Hind

    Philip Hind Staff Member

    I hope you enjoy the site, please come back soon!

    Philip Hind
    Oxford, England
  2. Erin McBride

    Erin McBride Guest

    I watched a movie on the Titanic just last night, and I cried my eyes out. There were so many lives lost... many people didn't get a chance to live a life...It's really sad. Thank you for giving them the reconigtion they all deserve.

    Erin McBride
    Sacramento, CA
  3. Tony Czech

    Tony Czech Guest

    I run a state historic site that interprets turn of the century lifestyle of local banker, lawyer, state representative, and St. Louis-based utility company owner John Homer Bothwell. Since it this happened within my time period, I am interested in knowing more. I have just watched the CBS version of 'Titanic' and it got me curious.

    Tony Czech
    Sedalia, Missouri
  4. Julie Mackey

    Julie Mackey Guest

    I think that it is really cool that you explore the people side of this tragedy rather than the side that the Titanic was supposed to be unsinkable!

    Julie Mackey
  5. Thank you for the fascinating insights into an event that truly shook the world, and our smug, self-centered belief in the ultimate victory of Man and his technology over the very forces of the Cosmos. Few historical events so fully capture the tragedy, triumph, beauty, and horror of Life, and of being Human. May the Titanic's story forever teach new generations. Aloha!

    Kimo L.D. Brown
    Honolulu, Hawaii, USA
  6. Mike Harris

    Mike Harris Guest

    The information at this site is great! Very informative and interesting.

    Mike Harris
    Carthage, Missouri
  7. Emily Moore

    Emily Moore Guest

    I think what you're doing on this web page is honorable. I'm fascinated by the TITANIC and I am happy to find a page such as this honoring those who lost thier soles that fateful night. I believe a higher power wanted the Titanic to sink for many reasons. Many coincidences occured during the voyage that caused it to sink. If you have any publications or new information, please email me. Thank you. -Emily Moore

    Emily Moore
    Oneonta, NY and Fonda, NY
  8. B Smith

    B Smith Guest

    Thank you so much for such an informative site. I recently watch CBS's televised mini-series of the TITANIC, & was curious to find more information (factual information) on this unfortunate tragic event. I now have you bookmarked, & I promise to periodically check b back to see what you may have posted.

    B Smith
  9. T. K. Serbyn

    T. K. Serbyn Guest

    I recently saw the CBS movie 'Titanic' and wanted to see what info was available on the www.

    T. K. Serbyn
    Rock Cave, WV
  10. I think the TITANIC is a very sad story Its hard to belive that all those people died and even little children as young as 10 weeks old I think they should of put more life boat on th ship so everyone would have had a chance to get on the ship I just watched the moveie on Tv sunday and Tuesday night (there was 2 parts)What a good movie!

    Michelle Hampton
    Florida, U.S.A
  11. Becky Oswald

    Becky Oswald Guest

    After seeing the TV movie about the Titanic, I became very interested in the people aboard. I wish I would have listened better to the names in the movie so I could look them up. I did find some of them. This page is very interesting. I appreciate all the work that went (and continues to go) into it.

    Becky Oswald
    Toledo, Ohio
  12. I enjoyed reading it. I'm a school teacher and we've been reading about the exploration of the Titanic by Alvin and Jason, Jr.

    Carol Ann Dyer
  13. Jane Casey

    Jane Casey Guest

    I really enjoyed the information about what happened to some of the survivors. I like to see more of that.

    Jane Casey
    Philadelphia, PA
  14. I'm going to tell my friends about this one!

    John J. Marshall
    Statesboro, GA
  15. J. Oberacker

    J. Oberacker Guest

    Spectacular Web site! Thanks for helping to keep the memories alive of those who perished that cold April night.

    J. Oberacker
    Virginia, USA
  16. Ginny

    Ginny Guest

    I watched the mini series about the Titanic. I found it to be very fasinating. I could'nt believe how the people in stearage (sp) were left to be drowned while the rich were allowed to enter life boats. In addition, I could not understand why the life boats were only half filled with passengers. Lastely, I don't know why I find this subject so fasinating, but I do.

  17. P. Collins

    P. Collins Guest

    vERY INTERESTING READING. i DO HOPE YOU CONTINUE TO UPDATE. How many men dressed up like women to get in the boats it could be another category.

    p. collins n/a
  18. My fathers name was John Adams, Jr. i am his only bastard child i am seeking information about his life, i believe i have other family in the Philadelphia, Area under the name of Adams, i do know that his family was from England an sailed across, but i don't know when or by what means. I believe there is a third John possibly a fourth or fifth by now, there was also a Joseph, another brother and one sister.

    Benjamin Richard Oddy
    Philadelphia, PA
  19. What a great reference! I watched the A & E documentary the other night and wanted to learn more about the Titanic. It would be interesting to learn what happened to the other survivors.

    Andrea Johnson
    Minot, North Dakota
  20. Mark Hallaq

    Mark Hallaq Guest

    Great Site!

    Mark Hallaq
    New Orleans, LA U.S.A.