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Lisa Ryan nee Flanagan

Re: William Anderson Walker

Did this person have any relatives in northern ireland. Is there a chance that some of his family may have lived in Fermanagh? My father has been told that Mr Walker was his uncle from his mothers side, but family research has never shown that my grandmothers family ever lived in England.


Re: Hugh J. Fitzpatrick

Both children lived to their high 80's.
His widow remarried and had a further 7children.Her second husband died a Merchant Sailor in a Merchant ship,blown up in !941 by a German bomb.She died of breast cancer in 1943.
I am her youngest child.

Bill Murray

Re: Birma’s wireless bears witness!It seems to me that all the controversy re Titanics position vs Californians position is irrevelant, at least as to whether or not the Californian could have/should have attempted to come to Titanics rescue when it really mattered. The important fact, I feel, is that officer Stone of the Californian saw rockets, and told Lord of it, yet no action was taken. Stone certainly seems dense in not realizing the gravity of the situation and it is a matter of debate how well Lord had this pressed home to him at the time. Even if Californian couldnt get there before 220 it might have been able to get there in time to save some people. So whether of not Californian was the mystery ship, and regardless of positions, it SAW the rockets!! Am I missing anything here ??

Blake Joseph

Re: Henry Samuel Etches

I'm playing Henry Etches in the Broadway Musical "Titanic" and I was just wondering if he had any Navy training or anything of that sort. Also, when the officers greet each other on the helm, what is the proper way. Shake hands? Salute? Shake hands and then salute the captain?

S. Gilpin

Re: Memorials to Jack Phillips

It is inaccurate to describe the Phillips Memorial Cloister in Godalming as the "largest" Titanic Memorial to a single victim of the Titanic disaster.

The Andrews Memorial Hall in Comber, Northern Ireland (the town where Thomas Andrew was born) was opened in January 1914 is a substantial two storied building which continues to play a central part in the social life of the community.

However the question of whether the size of the memorial actually matters should be considered. The loss of each individual was important to their family - whether or not any memorial was ever constructed in their memory.

Patricia McQuillan

Re: Various Memorials to William McQuillan
Mr William McQuillan was my great grandfather and I had heard so many stories about how he had offered to work for another stoker on the Titanic as the other man's wife was due to give birth soon. I was told how our family had believed for over 90 years that great grandda had gone down into the depths of the ocean with the Titanic.
I was overwhelmed and very emotional when it was discovered recently that he was body 183 to be buried at Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Johan George Reuchlin II

My father, Jonkheer Henri Reuchlin m. a., eldest son of Jonkheer Johan George Reuchlin, was not born on July 7th 1906, but on July 6th 1906.


Re: Henry Tingle Wilde

Hi, im a decendant of H.Wilde and would deeply apriciate it if Brian Ticehurst or any of the other contributers to the web page could kindly e-mail me so that i may speak to them about what they know, or if the writer of the page could e-mail me would also be greatly apriciated at

Kathleen Wrigglesworth

Re: Asquith and the Conspiracy to Sink Titanic
I was born Kathleen Asquith, as a child my father always said we were related to H.H. Asquith the Prime Minister, where can I find a family tree for H.H.Asquith also more details of his early life, Re. born in Morley, whereabouts ? lived in Mirfield for a short time with his uncle, ? a nanny looked after him at Eastthorpe House ? I hope someone can help. Yours Sincerely Mrs Kathleen Wrigglesworth ( nee Asquith )
Dec 29, 2006
A very solid biography of Herbert Asquith was published in 1964, the author being Roy Jenkins, the former Labour Home Secretary (who clearly shared many of H.H.Asquith's liberal views). The early years are dealt with, albeit briefly - the family home was Croft House, then Mirfield. The book is well footnoted as a guide to further study.

A HIde

Re: Walter John Williams
Walter Williams was, until his death in 1972, 'considerably disturbed' by the traumatic events of that fateful night in April 1912. Williams recalls how he saw the the ships tail end rise out of the night sea like a "huge tomb stone" before it's back broke and sent shock waves to the surrounding life boats. He also recalls how after the ship went under, how soon the cries for help fell silent. Williams was given charge of life boat number 13, by way of a standard issue hand gun, to keep order and to keep swimming survivors out. Williams married and had a family on his return to Southampton, where his grandchildren still live and work to this day.

Tina Nelson

Re: Annie Clemmer Funk
Would anyone know out there if Anne Clemms Funk is related to a Tomas Lloyd Funk of Edgewood Iowa


Re: Hard a-starboard

In reading your article it is not clear sometimes who is speaking when you quote and when you return to your commentary.

Maybe you could clarify this with quotation marks, the names of the speaker ahead of each comment, or different colors of text.

Thanks for the excellent info.


george bowes

Feb 12, 2007
Re: William Henry Lyons

I am trying to find the name of the survivor who died on the Carpathia and is (was) considered the 712th passenger. Could someone confirm that he (Lyons) was that passenger?

Dave Gittins

Apr 11, 2001
There are somewhat conflicting reports about those buried from Carpathia. I think the best is from a Carpathia passenger called Fred Beachler. He reported the burial of four men.

They were Sidney Siebert, William Lyons, William Hoyt and Abraham Harmer (aka David Lipshin).

Beachler said that Lyons died on Carpathia but that doesn't agree with evidence from Boat 4, for instance, from Thomas Dillon.

Other than that, Beachler's account squares with accounts of the bodies taken from boats 4 and 14. Harmer was probably the body removed from collapsible B by Lightoller.

I'm convinced nobody died on Carpathia.