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Jim Currie

Apr 16, 2008
NewtonMearns, Glasgow, Scotland.
Hello Robert T. Page!

Sorry about the lateness of this reply.

You were absolutely spot -on with your reasons why a speedometer would not work well on a ship. The same reason apply more or less to using engine revolutions. Michael is correct. There is only one way - even up to the present day using sat. nav. - to determine a ship's average speed and incidentally, the true direction she made good during her travels and that is by establishing two correct, exact positions and measuring or calculating the distance between them then applying lapsed time.

May 3, 2005
Hello Jim and Michael -
This is admittedly a rather old comment on an old thread that I'm refering to :

>> know for a fact that such instruments exist today because I've seen them in use on the bridge of the USS Comstock. What I'm not sure of is the source of the data they use but I suspect it may be either GPS or SINS.<<

I'll have to admit my "Bridge Experience" on the USS Kenneth Whiting was solely to check out the radar repeater, so I wasn't aware of any other instruments. But that was way back in the dark ages of the previous century.

>>that is by establishing two correct, exact positions and measuring or calculating the distance between them then applying lapsed time.<<

I've checked my car's speedometer by using a stopwatch between mile markers. For example at 60MPH it should take exactly 60 seconds between mile markers. But even my relatively cheap GPS gives me accurate speed readings of the car.

Genevieve Laursey

Hello, I am trying to contact Senan Molony but his details are no longer on the system. Can anyone please provide an email address?
Thank you
Genevieve x
( [email protected] )


Jun 26, 2013

To Frank Nesson. With regard to your quest to identify your great-uncle's body, many of those victims who could not be identified were buried at sea and only about half the victims' bodies were found so I fear that you were not successful.

By the way as a fellow-Titanic enthusiast and being Jewish, I've compiled a list of passengers who were probably Jewish and I've included your great-uncle. I assume he was - I think that there were about 60-70 Jewish passengers.
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May 17, 2014
Kenyon's are our family. Marion was my fathers great aunt.

My great grandmother was mrs George P Baldwin. We would like to connect if possible: [email protected]

I am researching my family history and my ancestors Frederick R. Kenyon and Marion (Stauffer) Kenyon were on the Titanic. Frederick went down with the ship and Marion was saved on lifeboat 8. I need more information on Marion. I don't know much about her but she had a sister Mrs. George P. Baldwin of Oak Park, Chicago. After the sinking Marion went to Santa Monica, CA where she died. If there are any relatives of Marion out there I would really like to hear from you!
Deb Silva


Apr 29, 2016
Reference 2nd class passenger John Denzil Jarvis. I believe that this passenger is my father's uncle. My father, Ernest George Jarvis, has always told me about an uncle who went down on the Titanic. My father, who is still alive at 91 tells me that his father was born in Leicester and his name was Ernest Herbert Jarvis. He died when my father was two months old. Ernest Herbert Jarvis is buried near Bedlinog (Dowlas Top). He married Alice Gertrude Lant (buried at Llandovery). As far as I know Ernest Herbert Jarvis had a sister called Gweneth, who was a teacher in Leicester and another brother who's name I do not know but was an architect and lived on the Leicester to London Road.

Richard Jarvis
Gillingham Dorset UK
Hoping to contact Richard Jarvis, I know it's years since he posted this but we have only just come across this information. We have traced the Jarvis family through Wales and established the connection with the Titanic and how John Denzil Jarvis and Ernest George Jarvis were related, but our main focus is Alice.

Alice Gertrude Lant was my husband's grand aunt. He and his cousin who were both born in Llandovery would like to find out what happened to her. Her son Ernest George Jarvis was Baptised in St Mathias Church Treharris, (which is near Bedlinog) 9 Jan 1910, this was almost two years after the death of his father Ernest Herbert Jarvis registered in Merthyr Tydfil July 1908. The last definite information we have about Alice is 29 June 1917 when she registered the death of her mother. Both were living at 3 Chapel Street, Treorchy at that time.

Alice's niece told us that Alice is buried in Llandovery alongside her father George Lant. We know where his grave is but it's unmarked and to date enquiries with the Vicar have failed to trace Alice's burial there. However, we have no idea when she died or her surname at the time.

Any contact from Richard Jarvis or anyone who knows him or how to contact him would be greatly appreciated.

Sue and Stewart Freitag
Caerphilly, Wales

Chris Tingle

Mar 22, 2019
Re: Henry Tingle Wilde

Hi, im a decendant of H.Wilde and would deeply apriciate it if Brian Ticehurst or any of the other contributers to the web page could kindly e-mail me so that i may speak to them about what they know, or if the writer of the page could e-mail me would also be greatly apriciated at [email protected]
Let me know what you found out. Henry Wilde could be my long lost twin. Chris
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Mark Baber

Jul 4, 2000
Hello, Chris---

Note that the message you're responding to is over twelve years old, and the person who posted it is no longer a member here. You may therefore not get an answer from him.

Chris Tingle

Mar 22, 2019
Hello, Chris---

Note that the message you're responding to is over twelve years old, and the person who posted it is no longer a member here. You may therefore not get an answer from him.
Shot in the dark - but hey, you saw my post and replied within 48 minutes. I assumed others would see my interest and jump in. Mahalo


Feb 23, 2020
Hello and thank you for this great History site.I need to know and I have been trying for 7 years to find out if there was on board Mr Thomas Taverner or Tavner an apprentice cook (18-19 years old) on board The Titanic? I have been told that all the official names may never be accurate as there may have been stowaways on board is that right? You see I have met a lady who is now about 58 years old and she claims that her Grandfather Mr Thomas Taverner or Tavner was on board The Titanic.I have tried so hard to find out over the past 7 years but with no luck at all just dead ends. She recalls when she was very young Mr T. Taverner being interviewed on Australian TV in the late 50's or 60's about his survival story which she had told me and it's fantastic.He of corse has passed away a while ago.Yet his Family say that they have newspaper clippings of his story which I have bee trying so hard to trace luck....Thank you.
Thomas Taverner was my paternal Great Grandfather. After over 20 years of research into his claims to have been on the Titanic I am 100% convinced that he made the entire story up. The referenced interview with the ABC in Australia was in 1962, ran for about 2 minutes and was based entirely on Taverner's assertions only. There is no evidence that the ABC fact checked anything he claimed. There are no extent newspaper or magazine articles which present his story (despite claims from members of the family that they exist). The ABC interview contradicts the family folklore regarding the way he allegedly survived the disaster; much of what was 'known' was little more than family anecdotes, supposition and hearsay. If he was on the Titanic on that fateful night, he had to have been a stowaway and for reasons outlined elsewhere on this site, the chances of that are next to zero. Please......someone prove me wrong!!!

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