Signed posters wanted

A few years ago the THS was selling Ken Marshall Posters signed by artist and Mrs. Van Tongerloo. The price was $40.00, Size 17x25, limited edition of 400.
Does anyone have it for sale??? Name a price!

Hey Lars,

just if you're interested: On eBay there is an original painting by Ken Marshall to be sold (but closing soon). You can watch it at


and the current price is $ 1.025,-- (reserve price not yet met).

Many regards
& happy hey dã

Hello eBay-lovers!
I have this question; I tried to sign up on eBay when they asked me for my VISA number. If you don't give them that you're not permitted to become a member. This is a bit scary, I think. Is it SAFE??!! I've heard many nightmare storys on what may happend if you send your Credit Card information over the Internet...