Signing on from Australia!

Dear ET community,

I've spent the last few days pouring through your forums and beautifully-researched, well-reasoned articles. It's great to be able to join in the conversation and introduce myself.

My name is Michael Brady although please do call me Mike. I have been an ocean liner enthusiast, like many of you, since I was quite young and am currently employed as a maritime illustrator. With a background in Industrial Design I began a business - 'Liner Designs' just last year. I essentially illustrate vessels for the purpose of selling prints and the like. Australia has a very rich immigrant history so I have focused on a number of Greek and Italian liners which operated regular services to the Continent. Feel free to browse the fleet;
All Ships — Liner Designs & Illustration

Please don't take this as advertising on my part - I am just happy to show my work! :)

Anyway it is great to be here and I hope I may contribute something useful to your fantastic community.