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Martin Williams

Regarding the question of Sigrid Lindstroem and whether she would or wouldn't have used her title...I've this very afternoon been chatting with a Swedish friend of mine. She assures me that, in modern Sweden, it is really not the done thing to make to much of your title if you have one. The only people who DO insist on 'countess' or 'baroness' are perceived as either horribly pretentious or very old-fashioned. In conversation, the familiar style is adopted - even when addressing a member of the Royal Family. This is markedly different from the attitude which still prevails in the UK - it would be regarded as anything from a mere embarrassment to a heinous crime to address a marchioness as 'Mrs'.

Whether this democratic attitude had emerged by 1912, or is of more recent development, is open to debate. Certainly, my friend tells me that Sweden still contains the same petty snobberies as any other country.

Bob Godfrey

This very morning in a well-known tabloid we read of Tony Blair at a soiree in Holland, where he was introduced to 'Beatrix'. "Hi, Beatrix," said our Tone, "And what do you do?" "I'm Queen".
Maritha Boström

Maritha Boström

That's a great one, Bob!

I'm certain that Swedish people back in 1912 would indeed use their titles and that it was not at all as democratic then as it is now!

Peter Westling

I have read this thread so first: Sigrid was i Paris so that is why she took Titanic in Cherbourg.

As to the Sweds ant titles, it is true that one does not use them in every day situations.. The "You-revolution" it was called, it came in the 60's to make people more equal. BUT there are some people who this does not comply to. And that is the royal family. To the king it is "your royal highness" or "your majesty" or similar, still today;)

Arne Mjåland

Claes Goran Wetterholm wrote in his book "Titanic" that Sigrid Lindstrom was in 1912 on her way to her sister Mrs Norbert in New York.
The Norbert family, if it is possible to trace them, might be able to supply more information about Mrs lindstrom?

Sam kostichka

Dear all
I found this info on website that was written in Swedish but I translated the info into English, they list there sources ant the bottom

wife (Countess) SIGRID Lindström (f. Posse)

1st class 55 years

Born: 1856-12-18 Angelholm, Skane, Sweden
Father: Count Knut Lage Posse (f.1821-03-10 d.1900-10-24)
Mother: Louise / Lovisa Aminoff (f.1829-12-21 d.1880-02-05)
Siblings: Countess Ebba Posse (f.1853-09-04 d.1922-03-19, GM kapt Sigfrid Dreilich)
Count Arvid Posse (f.1855-04-14 d.1911-03-14, married Ottilia Vienna Thestrup)
Count Christer Posse (f.1858-12-04, d.1886-08-02 in Africa during a Stanley Clerk.)
Married to: 1888-07-24 - Carl Johan Lindström (f.1849-07-21 d.1917-03-06)
Children: daughters
Resident: Stockholm, Uppland, Sweden (í–stermalmsgatan 20)
Ticket: 112377 Price: £ 27 14s 5d
Location: New York City, New York, United States
Step on board: 1912-04-10 Cherbourg, Normandy, France
Rescued in lifeboats 6
Step off from the Carpathia : 1912-04-18 New York City, New York, United States
Dog: 1946

Sigrid was born in Angelholm countess and the number three in the family. The father was in addition Count also major. Her uncle Arvid Posse had been Prime Minister of Sweden from 1880 to 1883. Dopvittnen was "Susc. Countess Hedda de la Gardie. Testes Major Baron Kjell Barnekov. Baroness Barnekov born Brummer, Captain Otto von Berchtold Baroness von Berchtold born Stjerncrona, Captain Baron Christian Bennet, countess Posse born Rappe, Lieutenant Cornelius Sjöcrona, Miss Louise Cederström and Lieutenant Georg Aminoff, attests Edw Grönvall ".

Sigrid's mother died in 1880 after suffering from epilepsy for several years. Brother Chris was obviously a bit of an adventurer, who in 1883 went down to Africa in order to comply with one of the famous Stanley's expeditions. Unfortunately, he died there in 1886, only 27 years old, and was buried there.

On July 24, 1888 she married in Angelholm with the former captain at livgrenadjärerna, Carl Johan Lindström. "Högvälborna Miss. The lieutenant at KFörsta Lif.Grenad.Reg t. Brudgumme and the Bride both obstacles solving and acc. Obeslägtade task. The groom had uti written affattad, witnessed the application to Harrow. PastorsEmbete requested lighting at the issue. The bride, who was the legal age commented himself currently approved marriage. "

Just over two years later, in October 1900, also died Sigrid's father.

On October 28, 1911 Sigrid arrived at Ellis Island, New York by ship SS Kaiserin Auguste Victoria which departed from Hamburg and stayed in at least Southampton before it crossed the Atlantic. Sigrid apparently went onboard in Hamburg. That's according to the passenger list her first visit to America and she is heading to a daughter, Mrs. Seating ... you. (Enigmatic) at the Savoy Hotel, 5th Ave, New York. She is not the immigrants, have paid for the trip himself and owns at least $ 25.

After the visit to America, she returned to Europe, but soon decided to once again cross the ocean. Sigrid had been to Paris before she would trip over to his sister, Mrs. Norbert, in New York, and therefore rose board in Cherbourg. Who is this Mrs. Norbert may be, I am not sure. She just had a legitimate sister, Ebba who was married to Captain Dreilich, so it may possibly then have been a half-sister to come by one or the other parent's indiscretions. Alternatively, it was simply a sister of Sigrid's husband. At least in the old days it was common to be called their spouses' siblings their own.

Aboard the Titanic, she met among others Erik Lind and Hakan Björnström-Steffanson , who also helped her get in the lifeboat 6 after the collision.

She demanded the White Star Line on compensation for properties lost, "about six thousand francs in clothing and linen '.

Her husband Carl Johan died on March 6, 1917. The couple learns to have had daughters reside in both England and the United States.

(No errors are corrected in the following translation)

From the passenger list of the survivors, through the Carpathia :

Lindstrom, Sigrid 56K Married Married woman;
Nationality: Swedish; Breed: Scandinavian;
Literacy: Yes, Yes;
Last residence: Sweden, Stockholm; ["Non-immigrant alien" stamped on]
Closest relatives: spouse, kapt. Card Lindstrom, 20 Ostermalmsfatel, Stockholm;
Final destination: Sweden, Stockholm;
Ticket to the final destination: No;
The trip paid by: Self;
Do at least $ 50.00: lost in the sea;
In the United States earlier: Yes, Feb. 1912, New York;
Shall Apartments, 63 Riverside Drive, New York;
Not been in prison before, is not a polygamist, is not anarchist;
Will not because of job availability;
Health: Good; Deformed: No; Height: 162 cm (5'4 ") Complexion: Light;
Hair: Brown; Eyes: Gray; Identifying marks: None;
Born in: Sweden, Stockholm.

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Genera Posse weapons

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