SINCE DR BALLARD discovered the Big TCANT HE

AL Glover

Jun 4, 2002
All this time since Dr, ballard discovered the Ti, and he said he hopes that it would not be messed with, since he is the DISCOVER'er can't he go back and "claim it" since it is in open waters, he has often said he wished that he had ???,(don't know the term,words) so as to keep everyone off of it,

lisagay harrod

Hello Al,

Go to the online journal on the front page of this site and click on "RMS Titanic: A Legal Update", by Gavin Murphy. It's a great article and will give you the lowdown on how the discovery of the wreck site and subsequent salvage of the site "went down", so to speak.
Enjoy, and welcome aboard!

Lisa Harrod

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