Sir Cosmo



Dear Readers, Does'nt it amaze you how much the actor who plays Sir Cosmo in J.C.s Titanic Looks like the real person, I just wanted to express my opinion. thanks Laura
You're right, he really does. The one that's really bad though is the guy who plays Mr Guggenheim. The actor looks like he's about 65 and the real person was only in his 40's.
Hello Karen, It is true about Guggenheim in Titanic, But did you see A Night To Remember? The man who portrays Guggenheim in the movie, looks even older than he does. Sincerely Karen
Hi Karen, no I haven't seen A Night to Remember yet, but I definitely want to. I can't imagine what these casting people are thinking. Karen
My wife and I had the opportunity through T.H.S. to be extras in the movie. I was familiar with how most of the featured first class passengers and crew looked and it was fun to pick the actors out and guess, correctly, who they were playing. A good example is I went up to the actor playing Wallace Hartley and asked him if he was playing that individual. (He did not have his violin withhim at the time.) He was and we had a nice couple of days of conversations. It turned out he actually was from the same area, Colne, as Hartley.

David Huffaker
Hi David...I bet being in any movie is interesting, but a movie about the Titanic even more so. Did you feel some people were unusual choices for the part they played? Karen
While we are at the discussion of who looks like who, I think Miss Rochelle Rose played her part to the hilt, but as for her features, her hair and eye colour were incorrect and she was far too tall. The real Countess of Rothes was a very petite, gracious lady and would never have said 'Look, here comes that vulgar Brown woman'. I thought to add my two cents to the conversation; but Cameron did a very good job.
Jeffrey, I,m in agreement with you on the countess of rothes, Do you know any more about her than what you mentioned, Is there maybe a book i can purchase that tells more about her life. I,m interested in the Countess, and many other society lady's that we're aboard the Titanic. thanks for any information. Laura
I have a ton of information on Her Ladyship, from my own personal collection and from His Lordship The 21st Earl of Rothes, her grandson. You may email me ([email protected]) to learn more about my favourite person in history, The Countess of Rothes. And no, there is no book written on Lady Rothes, but I am planning one myself, although this is a slow progress. These things take time - much time. Thank you for writing me!
Hello Jeffrey,I think the actress who portrays the Countess of Rothes in the movie SOS TITANIC is very attractive & she does a fabulous job playing the Countess also.Jen