Six Degrees of Titanic

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Had a rousing game of Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon today and suddenly thought- since Funnel Flicks is in re-runs- why not a new game! Example: Here's the star- Doris Day: Doris was in Pillow Talk with Rock Hudson who was in MacMillan and wife with SUSAN ST.JAMES who was Beesley's Love interest in- S.O.S. TITANIC.That was an easy 3 degree one! How about JAMES STEWART?
What-no players! James Stewart was in Rear Window with Grace Kelly and Thelma Ritter who starred as the Molly Brownesque figure- Titanic- she was a hoot "I'll flash my badge"- showing her gaudy diamond necklace. Notice Thelma plays Thelma in nearly all movies. How about Leo G. Carroll?
Well shoot- you guys are NO fun! Leo G. Carroll was Mr. Waverly in Man from U.N.C.L.E. which starred (drumroll) Robert Vaughn and David MaCallum who was in (cymbal crash)- A Night to Remember as- ta-da- Harold Bride! YOU do not get the all-expense trip to Puerta Vajarta- nor the Speed Queen washer. Sigh... one more- I am a glutton for rejection- Andie McDowall- I can do it in 3 Degrees of Titanic! Humor an old lady....

Pat Cook

OR Mary Steenbergen was in "Time After Time" with David Warner; Warner played Lawrence Beesley in '79's "S O S Titanic", Spicer Lovejoy in "Titanic" and the "Evil One" in "Time Bandits" (which had a scene aboard the Titanic in it).

Finally GOT one!

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Bravo Cookster! I was indeed looking for that Titanic Double-Dip! Have you ever seen anyone more DELICIOUSLY EVIL than David Warner as Lovejoy and Jack the Ripper in Time After Time? Mary was also married to Malcolm MacDowell -the other star- GOOD ONE Kyrila-had forgotten PARENTHOOD. Now- let's go for the BIG money$$$$$
What? I HAVE to come up with a stumper- after being up all night building photo pages for y'all? Harumph! let me ponder....feel free to jump in here.
Hayley Mills! Egads, Shelley, I'll be up all night! Here's an obvious one: How many degrees of separation is there between Titanic and . . .Kevin Bacon?
Hayley Mills (my ALL -time favorite) starred in The Trouble With Angels, with Rosalind Russell who starred with Natalie Wood in "Gypsy" as Mamma Rose, who was married to Robert Wagner who did the Navajo Rag for Amherst in (thunder-clap)
TITANIC- with Barbara Stanwyck and Clifton Webb. KEVIN BACON- I may be up all night- again! Cookster- to the rescue!
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