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Pierre Blanchard

Hi everybody,
I see that the Titanic's smoking room was smaller than the Olympic's smoking room, and larger than that of the Britannic.
Il's often talked about the reduction of the reading room, but never about reduction of the smoking room. Why ?
Thanks you for your answers.
Thomas Krom

Thomas Krom

Hello Mr. Blanchard,

As far I am aware the smoking room of the Olympic was identical in terms of her size (before her refit between 1912-1913) to Titanic her smoking room. The only differences between the Olympic are the tiles (which were red and blue), the painting Plymouth Harbour by Norman Wilkinson (on the Olympic the painting was "approach to the new world" also by Wilkinson) and (altrough still unproven) burgundy coloured chairs (on the Olympic they were white).

The measurements of the first class smoking room are the following:
Measurements painting Plymouth Harbour:
68 inches wide and 31 inches high.
Fireplace mantle measurements: 8 feet wide and 4 feet and 9 inches high.
Measurements of the sofa couches flanking the fireplace: 8 feet and 9 inches long.
Measurements coal storage bins: 18 inches wide.
Length at sides: 65 feet
Length at center: 30 feet
Breadth at center: 55 feet
Breadth over bay windows 63 feet
Breadth at the wisde 17 feet 3 inches
Breadth at side over bay windows 21 feet 3 inches
Window that does not extend to boat deck: 4.4 feet in width and 5 feet in height,
Window that do extend to boat deck: 4 feet in width and 5 feet in height.

I hope this may helps.

Yours sincerely,