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Hello from Tucson--
In regard to my previous message I was hoping someone out there perhaps had more photos of the Skoog girls that I might compare or some information or connection to the family while they lived in Iron Mountain Michigan. The photo was purchased in an antique shop so there is no way to track any farther.
Loree Collins
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Loree, have you heard of image-aging? It is a process of examing the finer details in photos to determine when the photo was taken. Hair styles, dress styles, dress prints, shoes, etc..can narrow done when the pic was taken.
I have found this picture of the Skoog family with their two youngest, Harold and Mabel, taken around 1905/1906.


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That's actually Karl, but whatever. The photo on that site is part of a larger one that shows the entire Skoog family (except Margit) around 1910, which can be found in Women and Children First.
So i was wondering about the photo taken of Karl around 1910. It was my understanding that Karl had crutches, but in the photo he appears to have both legs, so i am wondering did he have a prosthetic leg or a wooden leg?
Yes, if Karl lost his leg at age 7, that was definitely before 1910, before Margot was born, even before 1909, because I do not see Anna with a big belly yet.
Thus, Karl does have a substitute leg, and he is actually holding a stick, or a thin crutch, some kind of support system. Although those might have been in fashion then, but I do think when that photo was taken, Karl already had his accident.
Re: Anna Bernhardina Skoog
Hello!I am Debora Skoog...a family member of Wilhelm Skoog.I know that my Grandfather lost family on the Titanic and I am now trying to help the family here in Canada piece more information together.My Grandpa and Grandma Skoog have died and we have no way of getting more information as we have lost contact with the family in Sweden.We would love to hear from anyone that could reconnect us or even give us clarification on the relation to the family on the Titanic.My grandfathers name was Otto Skoog his sister in Sweden was Regina and brothers were Hugo and Oscar (who lived in Michigan we believe...then New york.)Any information would be much appreciated....D.Skoog
Hi Debra,

I am helping a Friend Shelley Skoog ( Kadej) with her family tree. Her Grandfather is also Otto Skoog and she told me that somehow her family is related to the Titanic family . i cannot find much information about this family even searching in sweden. i would love to hear from you or if you could send me more info on the family that would be amazing!! she doesn't know more info unfortunately either.
Amber Kenney

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Hello, Amber---

Please note that the message you're responding to is from 2006 and that Debora Skoog is no longer a member of this message board. You may well, therefore, not receive a response from her.
hi all. i was wondering if anyone had some information on the skoog family that was on the titanic? i was told at my mothers funeral that we are related to them somehow (before this, i didn't even know there were any on the titanic). and i would like to be able to prove this information and use it to help my brothers and i figure out our genealogy.

any information at all would help. if they had any brothers and sisters. cousins names. anything at all that would help us 3 kids to kinda find ourselves.

thanks all!!
Are you related to Ed Skoog of the Ed Skoog family of the Fort Worth, Texas area ?
I think Ed passed away recently.
He was one of my fellow electronic technicians at the (ZFW) FAA Fort Worth Air Route Traffic Control Center, which is located just about a mile southwest of the (DFW) Dallas-Fort Worth Airport.

I have been retired 20 years and have lost touch with my fellow workers.

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Please note that the message you're responding to is from 2008 and that misti skoog has not posted since. You may well, therefore, not receive a response from her.

Please note that the message you're responding to is from 2008 and that misti skoog has not posted since. You may well, therefore, not receive a response from her.
My reply was intended more for Amberkenney's recent post.

Looking back over some old notes, it seems that the family you mentioned and those of Ed Skoog's family were of different branches of the Skoog family and not directly related to each other.
My apologies.
I am afraid that wasn't very much help.

It might be that Skoog was a very common name in Sweden, such as Smith or Jones.
I found another reference : " Skoog is the most common surname in the world."

Sort of like the local problem here in Dallas, Texas , USA of trying to find out " Who was John Neely Bryan's friend " ?
He was reported to have said " I named the town for my friend Dallas. " LOL
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