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Robert T. Paige

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Incidentally , on the "Dallas" name problem trivia.:
John Neely Brown is usually considered as the founder of the town in 1841.
But he had several friends whose first or last name was "Dallas".
But nobody knows for sure which "friend". LOL

Dallas County is said to be named for George Mifflin Dallas, who was Vice President of the USA when The Republic Of Texas (1836-1845) was annexed as a State to the United States in 1845.
But there is even some disagreement on this.
Another story was that they wanted to name the County Polk for the President but that had already been taken, so they settled for the Vice
President. LOL

This has nothing to do with Titanic. The closest thing I have found was there might have been a family from Groesbeck, Texas who might have been passengers on the Titanic.
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Alaina Lyseth

hi all. i was wondering if anyone had some information on the skoog family that was on the titanic? i was told at my mothers funeral that we are related to them somehow (before this, i didn't even know there were any on the titanic). and i would like to be able to prove this information and use it to help my brothers and i figure out our genealogy.

any information at all would help. if they had any brothers and sisters. cousins names. anything at all that would help us 3 kids to kinda find ourselves.

thanks all!!

I found this photo on the Dickinson County Genealogical Society website. It is identified as the wedding photo of Wilhelm and Anna Skoog ca. 1900. It was the cover photo of their quarterly newsletter Dickinson Diggings Vol. XXXI May 2012. The Skoogs resided in Iron Mountain MI, which is in Dickinson County.

Robert T. Paige

I feel sure that if you have searched on '' Skoog '' you will several entries, as I have, of persons named Skoog .

Jill Carlier

So nice to hear from you, I think of your family often, such a tragedy.

Did you see this nice website?

Re: Anna Bernhardina Skoog
Hello!I am Debora Skoog...a family member of Wilhelm Skoog.I know that my Grandfather lost family on the Titanic and I am now trying to help the family here in Canada piece more information together.My Grandpa and Grandma Skoog have died and we have no way of getting more information as we have lost contact with the family in Sweden.We would love to hear from anyone that could reconnect us or even give us clarification on the relation to the family on the Titanic.My grandfathers name was Otto Skoog his sister in Sweden was Regina and brothers were Hugo and Oscar (who lived in Michigan we believe...then New york.)Any information would be much appreciated....D.Skoog