Slamming "My Heart Will Go On"

Adam Went

Apr 28, 2003
I think the key with that is the year 1998. The film had just come out and it, and therefore the song, were the biggest things going around. I agree with you that it probably shouldn't have been part of an actual convention, but it's all about the timing.



Apr 1, 2012
i find it sad that someone is saying bad things about such a beautiful song. To me ,my heart will go on is not only about the people who died on the titanic and those who survived the disaster ,but i also feel that it's also about everyone who has lost loved ones sometime in their lives ,and i am sure that just every person on this forum has lost a loved one or loved ones somewhere along the way in their lives. As fpr the song being played at the THS convention, i think it may not have been the right song to play, but on the other hand, the song is about the movie titanic, and i think it was a right thing to play any song that may have to do with the titanic as a tribute to those who died and those who survived. This is just my opinion, and i would understand if you disagree with me on my comments about this subject thank you for your consideration.

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