Smith let passengers on the bridge

Adam Went

Apr 28, 2003

I agree with you that everything which needs to be said on the matter has now been said between us, and so I will add only one final point, and that is that many of the greatest discoveries in history have spawned from theorising, speculation, guesswork, balances of probability - whatever you want to call it - from historians and scientists. Following up on these, it has turned out to be historically accurate, and has been added to the history pages.

If the idea had not been put forward in the first place, in all likelihood a new chapter of history would not have been learnt.

There is nothing - absolutely nothing - to be gained from sitting back and sticking with the known facts and presuming that everybody must have been robotic enough to follow the known story down to the tee. It rarely happens like that, there's always something more to the story.

If it is your wont to do it that way, fine, and good luck to you - but I will stick with my methods and I hope others will be smart and creative enough to do the same.

May 3, 2005
Ah, Jim! Memories!! I'm not sure Scott can contribute anything to this ...
Ah yes, memories.
I remember visiting RMS Queen Mary and SS France while they were in Port way back in time during the New York World's Fair.
Curiously enough,once aboard SS France on that visit, you could visit all the public areas such as the theater, etc., but all the passenger cabins, etc. were locked and you couldn't even look into them.
On RMS Queen Mary, it was just the opposite . You couldn't visit the public areas, such as the Grand Salon , etc., but were free to inspect all the passenger cabins, wanted
At least that was the way it was on my visits.
Years later, as a family , we stayed at Hotel Queen Mary.. No problem visiting the bridge.
And you could visit and take tours of all areas on the ship.
Of course all the passenger cabins were occupied since Queen Mary is like a hotel now.
As I remarked on another post, that RMS Queen Mary visit made me glad I had cancelled my reservation for Second Class Cabin (Closet ?) C-119 . LOL
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Aly Jones

Dec 15, 2019
Just because it was the rules does not mean that the rules were not broken at some stage - in fact, in all probability they were, given the other rules which had been broken on the same voyage, i.e. ignorance of ice warnings, speeding through ice fields, etc etc, much more major issues than allowing a passenger onto the bridge for a few moments.

It sounds like you think in those 5 days officers sneaked people into the bridge. Do you think officers allow and risk female passengers and co workers in officer quarters for some fun? 16 days away from home and all, its a long-time .

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