Smoking Room drawings

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Jonathan Payette


I was wondering if there is any drawing of the domed First Class smoking room on the internet ?

From what I've seen on the site '', the Britannic would have indeed been more luxurious than Olympic and Titanic.

There used to picture of Britannic's Smoking Room. It was an artist depiction of the room and it used to be up at the Official Britannic Research & Modelling site, I think. It is a nice drawing, the site also came up with other drawings of what other rooms would have looked like such as the first-class lounge. Hopefully these pictures may be put on the Remco's and Mark's excellent article write ups in the R.M.S section in the future.

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This is an interesting suggestion.The drawings in question are in my archive.I have not used them yet because so far I prefered to have those images combined with the articles written by Remco and Mark.However,I agree that those drawings should be online.I can place them in the "RMS Britannic" section in one of the future updates.If there is a relative article in the future then the images can be moved very easily in the page that will contain the text.

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Thanks for the compliments, re: the articles. We're currently generating a massive article on the lifeboat configuration, which has become a massed compilation of confusing, contradictory and enlightening information; we can't as yet conclusively prove the '48,' '46' or '48' boat figures. At the moment, I'm leaning to 46 or 48.

I hope to do more articles when I get the time (I am still working on my second MS for the end of this year), and I know Remco does too.

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I know, i know, i'm the first poster in years @ this topic but maybe someone can help. Nigel, you said that there was a Britannic Model site, where can i find the site?

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