Smoking Room paneling from OIympic where is it

Mar 28, 2002
Sorry Daniel, just realised I called you David in the above post. Why? I have no idea. Maybe it's because I'm 30 next week. Thanks for posting the picture, though.


Dec 7, 2000
Iain, no problem. If it makes any difference at all, you can see the painting is slightly recessed, so that it does not come in contact with the glass. The painting did hang above a functional fireplace (unlike all others aboard the ship) so perhaps the glass had something to do with that.


Brian Hawley

Interesting to see the smoking room light fixtures reflected in the glass covering the painting. The mangled smoking room light fixture was one of my favorite items at the 1997 Memphis Titanic exhibit. Lovely and crumpled, it embodied all of Titanic to me. Amazingly beautiful, incorporating thousands of hours of work, care, and attention all smashed in a crushing blow…

Dec 7, 2000
considering they once looked like this ....
Jan 7, 2002
Thanks for the information Eric
You are a wealth of information. If only we Titanic/Lusitania buffs could perform a Vulcan mind meld with you, and absorb your liner knowlege!

Somthing im curious about- with that new liner incorperating paneling form Olympic's Ala Carte resturaunt- doesnt this violate contemporary fire codes?

I didnt think modern liners were allowed to be fitted with wooden paneling anymore. Everything these days seems to be made out of plastic..


Tarn Stephanos

Atle Ellefsen

[Good day, There is a lot of wood on modern passenger ships. There are however restrictions, according to SOLAS Chapter II-2 Regulation 34 part 4: "The total volume of combustible facings, mouldings, decorations and veneers in any accommodation and service space shall not exceed a volume equivalent to 2.5 mm veneer on the combined area of the walls and ceilings. In the case of vessels fitted with an automatic sprinkler system, the above volume may include some combustible material used for erection of "C" class divisions." In addition, all combustible materials have to be certified by the class to have low flame spread characteristics, low toxic and smoke emission characteristics and a calorific value not exceeding 45 MJ/m2. According to Part 1: "Except in cargo spaces, mail rooms, baggage rooms or refrigerated compartments of service spaces, all linings, grounds, draught stops, ceilings and insulations shall be of non-combustible materials. Partial bulkheads or decks used to subdivide a space for utility or artistic treatment shall also be of non-combustible material." This means that wood is not allowed in the ceilings. I visited the Millennium when she was new, but I do not recall the ceiling details. Any wooden surface is in that case gypsum painted as faux wood, Chantiers De L'Atlantique have a few awesome faux artists to do this job.

Best regards

Atle. ]

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