So exhibiting artifacts found at the surface is okay but anything from the wreck is ghoulish HOW

Feb 14, 2011
In the case of Britannic- I believe Simon Mills is indeed the owner-at he and/or the Greek government have say on who can or cannot visit the wreck- and whether or not items can be recovered-
I assume though, being in Greek waters, the will of the Greek government overrides that of Mr Mills.
Apr 30, 2007
Yes Tarn you are correct. Simon states in the post I referred to above that as the owner even he has to consult with the Greek department of marine antiquities prior to the retrieval of any artefacts.
Mar 21, 2006
Being interested in Titanic, I don't want any pillaging of items, but it is the height of hypocrisy to stand next to a ticket from some dead passenger's pocket and cry "foul" because someone else is displaying a dish taken from the bottom 75 years later. Or, on a more personal note---clarinet: 3 pounds sterling; ticket to see the clarinet at the Union Station/Science City exhibit in Kansas City: $42.00; tears that I shed as I looked at the clarinet played by a brave man who gave up his life for others: WAY BEYOND PRICELESS.