So its confirmed Full Astern was not ordered?

Cam Houseman

Cam Houseman


So you would agree that the events were more or less as depicted in James Cameron's film?
I believe she did break between the third and fourth funnels, as multiple survivors reported it, as well as the stern going 90 degrees. I also believe the break-up was top down and occurred at 2:18. Does it mean I'm 100%? no

Robert T. Paige

wow.. I know right, you learn soo much here. I never knew "forecastle" was pronounced "Foc'sle"
You were in the navy? How many years were you in service?
I was officially on active duty (I counted it up one time) for 3 years, 10 months, 17 days.
The Navy had a surplus of personnel and they were doing "early separation for the convenience of the government" . You still had a total of 8 years obligation before you got your final discharge. You could serve 4 years active duty and 4 years in some Naval Reserve Unit.

I was in contact with a British author several years ago. He was in the Army during the Korean Conflict. He said the British rule was " five and seven" - 5 years active duty plus 7 years in the Reserves.

There are some other words besides Forecastle and Boatswain that aren't pronounced the way that they are spelled. I don't remember what they are. One other thing .....How about a Yeoman....A Yee-Oh-Man ?
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