Sole Nationalities in 1st class



As far as I've been capable of finding out, these 3 passengers were the only ones from their respective country in 1st class. I wonder how these people spend their days aboard, especially socially, considering they all travelled alone. I wonder who they would talk to and spend their days with...

Jhr. Johan Reuchlin (Netherlands)
From what I understand, he was on a trip to evaluate the Titanic for the Holland America Line, for which he worked. In that position, would he have been on friendly foot with Ismay and Thomas Andrews?

Don Manuel Uruchurtu (Mexico)
He seems to have travelled alone and without any people he would have known. He must have had someone to talk to.

Berthe Mayné (Belgium)
I know she didn't complete travel alone, but with her millionaire canadian toyboy. However, wouldn't she have been somewhat looking down upon as a single cabaret singer. Although the cabaret part would probably not have been known. I wonder if she had any contact with other passengers besides Baxter.
Jul 9, 2000
Easley South Carolina
>>I wonder who they would talk to and spend their days with...<<

Just about anybody who would be willing to talk to them I suppose. The people in First Class would be a very well educated lot and fairly cosmopolitain for the times. A number of them would have been bilingual so language would not have been an insurmountable problem.

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