Solo Children

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I was wondering if children on liners who were traveling alone were treated specially. If a child had been alone, in first class, on a liner, would the captain have talked to them? In some movies (such as The Posiedon Adventure and Ghost Ship) we see that children form relationships with the captain and other crew members.

rob scott

hey, good question, I'd rather think on that than the morbidity of the slowly sinking vs plane crash ;) especially after reading on the Royal Charter wreck on the Wales rocks where everyone was bashed to death on the rocks with no women or children surviving -
I never heard of any children 12 or under traveling solo on these wrecks in these forums, Titanic or Lusi or Slocum or ... but i bet there were in some of the many many crossings with no mishaps:
I expect it was done like in today's airlines, a solo child of ten being introduced to a chief steward or asst pursor who then is given the task of 'keeping an eye on' the child, &etc ... and supervise a meeting with adult/parent dockside... anyone shed more light on't??
It may have happened but I doubt it was all that common. A family with the money to spare to send a child overseas would also be able to afford to send somebody along to act as a gaurdian.
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