Solveig Johannsen


Tracy Richards

I'm looking to authenticate a claim made by a 93 year old lady(10 years ago- she is since deceased) who I had the pleasure of caring for in an elderly community from 1996-1997. This lady suffered from dementia, but was sharp as a whip from time to time, and she often spoke of being on the titanic with her younger brother, and her mother who was pregnant at the time. She claims to have been on the ship, but to have gotten off in Ireland because her mother was thought to be having labor pains. She would have been travelling as a 3rd class immigrant, if she was indeed on the ship at all. I have often wondered about this over the years. She would have been quite young and I question the authenticity of her tale. Is it possible to find out. Her name was Solveig Johannsen(sp.?)