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Some artwork I made

Discussion in 'Titanic Artwork' started by Kurt Urbain, Oct 11, 2018.

  1. Kurt Urbain

    Kurt Urbain Member

    23E4D918-B187-4042-B0F9-56B2657CBFDB.jpeg 6E2C7BEE-AD02-435B-9B3C-131D82F8F19F.jpeg 407A32A7-60A6-4CA9-8E66-52A73B59357F.jpeg
    Hey all, new guy here. Thought I’d share a couple paintings and a drawing I did. I’ve drawn and painted the wreck countless times.
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  2. Kurt Urbain

    Kurt Urbain Member

    BCB9692E-C11C-4D81-9BE8-B5D528FE7D92.jpeg BE3FA252-6A75-4845-8E29-0C592102C2B4.jpeg 4AB9B09F-0A65-4132-9741-957DCA168A0D.jpeg
    Here’s a couple more smaller paintings, and a drawing of Frederick Fleet.
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  3. Kurt Urbain

    Kurt Urbain Member

    And finally this is me at the museum in Gatlinburg TN. I’ve been a huge Titanic geek since I was about 7.
  4. Kyle Naber

    Kyle Naber Member

    I LOVE those wreck paintings!
  5. Kurt Urbain

    Kurt Urbain Member

    Thanks! I’m sure I’ll make more.
  6. Nice work on the paintings. I like them.
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  7. Dan Kappes

    Dan Kappes Member

    No offense, but the painting you did of the ship splitting in half looks like the one drawn by Ken Marschall. It's still great, though! ;)

    Were you inspired by Ken Marschall's?
  8. Kurt Urbain

    Kurt Urbain Member

    Yeah, that one is pretty old, I basically drew it right outta the book. The rest are painted from photographic reference.