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Some artwork I made

Discussion in 'Titanic Artwork' started by Kurt Urbain, Oct 11, 2018.

  1. Dan Kappes

    Dan Kappes Member

    Yeah, soon there will even be nothing left of Titanic! :(
  2. Kurt Urbain

    Kurt Urbain Member

    D4088EC8-1ABB-432D-BC93-60DD6707DBE8.jpeg Ha! I think we posted those simultaneously. I found this one recently, not sure how accurate, but if the bow has given way, that sucks.
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  3. For the paper im doing on the Lusitania i found a sonar map of the Doria just done the other year
  4. Dan Kappes

    Dan Kappes Member

    Here is the photo of me I said I'd post. I'm 25 years old. You can see that I'm wearing my striped stocking cap in the pic and I'm holding the Blu-Ray copy I own of my favorite Titanic film, A Night to Remember. I don't have as much facial hair as I usually do in this pic because I have my barber shave my head hair, mustache, and beard all off at the beginning of every month. ;)
    me dan holding ntr blu ray.jpg
    P.S: My mom took this photo of me.
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