Some Interesting Titanic Books


Jan 18, 2014
I don't know if Im posting this in the right place, but I guessed this was the right place. I've found a couple of good Titanic books, if you guys are interested. Here are some:

Titanic names - A list of all the passengers and crew and if they survived or not

822 amazing answers to your questions about the Titanic - A good book, really explains somethings.

1912 Facts about the Titanic - Really good info, same author who wrote Titanic Names.

Titanic Survivor, Violet Jessop - Really good book, also explains some info about the Britannic and Olympic, Olympic I am not so sure.

I am also making my own Titanic book, called Titanic: The Book. It's going to be a guide to everything Titanic, including the rooms, power, the sinking, etc. Any ideas?
Mar 4, 2011
I have many Titanic books- one o my all time favorites is "A Night To Remember" by Walter Lord- Its sequal "The Night Lives On" isn't as good, but its still an excellent book. Those are just 2 of what I have.

Talira Greycrest

"Titanic" by Leo Marriot. Got this book way back in 1998 (can't remember if it was a Christmas or birthday present) but it goes from the day the idea of building the ship was first contemplated right through to the day the wreck was discovered. The book features fantastic pictures including a selection of Titanic paintings, scenes from various movies and real photos of both the interior and exterior. There's also death certificates and even a letter written by a Second Class passenger, the Reverend John Harper, informing friends that his passage on the Lusitania had been cancelled and he'd chosen to travel on Titanic instead because he considered the Lusitania's replacement to be too slow. Sadly, his decision proved fatal as Reverend Harper would go down with the ship (fortunately, his 6-year-old daughter survived).

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