Some missing Shipbucket ships



If there's someone here that has an account on the Shipbucket forum, I'd like to if someone here cn go to the forum and bring up these ships as a request to any Shipbucket artists who have the time to do these.

I've checked the ocean liner section of the main site and i find it strange that certain famous big-name ships are missing despite having plenty of reference material online. specifically in the passenger ship sections.

The sips in question: Three Cunard ships and a pair of French line ships"

- SS France (1910)

- SS Paris (1916)

- RMS Lusitania (1906)

- RMS Mauretania (1907 ship)

- RMS Aquitania (1914)

How the community overlooked these famous ships is beyond my understanding.

some of these ship drawings have multiple versions of the same ship which shows the changes made to the vessels during their service history.

Can do it myself or make these myself due to lacking an account and not having the skills or patience to do so. I'm just bringing this matter up

Someone already did the the three converted German ships, the Berengaria, Majestic and Leviathan despite those ships having a little lesser online references.