Some things i don't understand

Oliver K

Hello, I have read this great article on titanics electrical system many times, but there's a couple of things i just don't get.

They include:

"All main circuit breakers and switches are capable of continuously passing 6,000 amps. Each of these circuit breakers is capable of being operated by hand release or by a Ferranti overload control with an inverse time element equipment" what is an "Inverse Time element equipment"? i understand that Ferranti was a UK based company that made electrical things and what the overload control is, but what is an "inverse time element equipment"?

"At the side of the casing are seen two devices for tripping the main circuit breaker; the top one closes the electrical circuit of the trip coil and the lower one mechanically trips the toggle grip and lifts the trigger."

I can guess they're talking these two circular things on the side of the control pillars

but what are they exactly? buttons? sockets?

In this picture, the levers on the pillars are mechanically connected to tubes on the ceiling, do these go to the main bus' bars or the equalizing switches?

As always, i'm looking forward to seeing your replies.