Songe dbautomne from the Extra Features

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Cody Gentry

Feb 6, 2008
I'm referring to the version of Songe d'automne from the Ship tour on the extra features disk. I'm sure it was done by I Salonisti, but I was wondering if anybody knew where I could find any copy of the songs used - those specific recordings. Anybody have anything? I would appreciate it.
Sep 1, 2004
Few years ago I sent a letter to I Salonisti and asked them whether it is possible to get the music they performed in Titanic. But they responded me that no, there are no recordings.

The only one available is the Nearer my God to Thee which you can download on their homepage and Alexander's ragtime band which is on the album Back to Titanic.

Once there were also Marguerite Waltz, Beautiful Blue Danube and Orpheus overture (and some other two which did not work back then) available to listen to on the official Titanic movie homepage but it is no longer available.

Especially Song d'automne is very difficult to get. I currently found just one recording of it. But if you do some research you could find recordings of every other music that was performed by the Titanic movie orchestra. But most of them are performed by big orchestras but not string quartets...

Dave Gittins

Mar 16, 2000
There are two main recordings of music played on Titanic. They may still be around.

I Salonisti recorded many pieces on a CD called And the Band Played On. I forget the label.

Ian Whitcomb and friends produced Titanic: Music as Played on the Fateful Voyage. This is on Rhino Records. It includes Songe d'Automne, played by a small group of strings with piano.

Dieter Klimow

Sep 24, 2006
Recordings of Songe d'automne are at least on these CDs:

ISBN 1-56826-833-5
Ian Whitcomb conducting The White Star Orchestra
Titanic - Music as heard on the fateful voyage
(Track 23: String quartet and piano)

ISBN 1-57713-505-9
Mary Jane Newman & The Southampton Pier Players
Music from the Titanic
(Track 20: Viola and piano)

David Archibald
Titanic: Pride of the White Star Line
(Track 12: Viola and violoncello)
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