Songshyms played onboard the Titanic

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Hi everyone,
I was wondering what type of songs were played on the Titanic.These are the songs that I called pick out from Cameron's film that were played by Wallace Hartley's string quartet before, and at the time of the sinking.
1)Alexander's Ragtime Band-Irving Berlin
2)Wedding Dance-?
3)Song without Words-Tchaikovsky
4)Orpheus- Jacques Offenbach
5)Eternal father Strong to save William Whiting
6)Nearer My God to thee-?
7)Marguerite Waltz- Charles Gounod
8)Meditation de Thais- Jules Masserent
These are the songs I heard.Can anyone confrim that these songs were played on the real Titanic Does anyone else know any other songs they played on the R.M.S Titanic.
Regards Nigel

Ben Holme

Hi Nigel,

I believe Maj. Peuchen mentioned hearing Alexander's ragtime band when he was searching for his Canadian friends on A-deck shortly after the collision.

Several 2nd class passengers remembered singing "Eternal father strong to save" at the sunday evening service conducted by Revd. Ernest Carter.

Many survivors were supposed to have observed the band playing "Nearer my god to thee". I believe steward Brown was among this number. He would certainly have been in a position to hear it where he was working at the falls of col. A.

Others (inc. Harold Bride) believed their final song was "Autumn". Others (inc. Col. Gracie) disputed this, claiming the band played jolly Waltzes to the end. At least one man (Algernon Barkworth) claimed to have observed the band discard their instruments a good while before the end.

Hope this helps

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