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Steve Landes

Hi, I was in Southampton last month, and am returning in a couple weeks.
I found Pier 44, but wasn't able to find any plaques or memorials on the site. I'd heard there were at least two there. Anyone know exactly where they're located?
Also, is the South Western House open to visit, and do they sell postcards or anything?
Lastly, unlike London, I couldn't find any touristy-type shops to buy Southampton T-shirts or anything (even the shop in the Maritime Museum was lacking). Any place I can find that kind of stuff?

Steve L.

Inger Sheil

Dec 3, 2000
The plaque is indeed there, Steve - I've got photos of it somewhere. Did you ask at the office and sign a waiver form allowing you inside designated area? If so, there is a plaque just around the back of the building (it is not located on the pier itself.

I don't know about the South Western Hotel being open for visiting - it's been scaffolded over the last few times I've visited (last time was in April, so I don't know what it's like now).

I would have thought that the shopping centre above the bargate would have had items of the T-shirt variety, but can't say I've looked for them specifically.



Martin Pirrie

Dec 30, 2000
Steve, there are free guided tours through the old part of Southampton called Titanic trails. On these walks you will pass various buildings with Titanic connections and memorials for the Post Office workers, engineers and musicians. Contact the Leisure & Visitor Centre who run them on
023 8022 1106.

There is a web site:

The Titanic Memorial and the departure dock (still in use today) are within the dock area and you will need permission (freely given) from Associated British Ports on 023 8048 8800.

Postcards? I am surprised that there were not any at the Maritime Museum at the Town Quay on
023 8063 5904.

Good hunting!

Martin Pirrie.

Steve Landes

Thanks for the info!

I didn't have to get permission or sign a waiver to get in, as I sailed over on the QE2, so I was already inside the dock area. We docked at Pier 39, not far from where Titanic was.
Great Western House is still scaffolded over, mostly on the right side (looking from the pier).
The Maritime Museum had typical ship postcards, but nothing really that said 'Southampton' or anything like that.
I was thinking of trying the Visitor Center for souvenirs, etc. Has anyone been over there?
I ended up going to almost all the places on the 'Titanic Trail' on my own, but it might be nice to do it as a tour next time. Has anyone taken this tour?

Thanks again,

Steve L.

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