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>Oh what fun it must have been to be a housewife or a maid in the 1880s...



Ift the burn or scald is serious, send immediately for a physician. In the mean time, cover with wet linen cloths, pouring on more water without removing them til the pain is alleviated, when pure hog's lard may be aplied, which is one of the best and most easily procured dressings. Lather of soap from the shaving cup applied by the brush often produces relief. White of eggs applied in the same way is a simple and useful dressing.

Never tamper with a bad burn. This requires skillful treatment by a physician. If the shock is great, and ther is no reaction, administer frequently ammonia or a little brandy and water until the patient revives.



The antidote for chlorine is to inhale ammonia. Asphyxia by other gasses, treated by cold applications to the head,m plenty of air, artificial respiration


Draw out the tongue, if retracted. Give plenty of air. raide the body and lower the head. maintain artificial respiration. Apply galvanic battery, one pole over pit of stomach, other over the lower cervical vetrebrae.



Apply moderately tight ligature above the bite. Wash the wound thoroughly with warm water, and cauterize immediately with nitric acid leaving no part of the wound untouched.



Alcohol, two and a half pints. Camphor, one ounce. Spirits of turpentine, one ounce. Corrosive sublimate, half ounce. If the scent is not objectional, two ounces commercial carbolic acid will greatly improve the above. Put it on the bedstead with a feather, and it will destroy the bugs and their eggs as well.

AMMONIA: It is highly refreshing and useful at the toilet table. A few drops in the bath will remove all offensive perspiration and glossiness, if the skin is oily. Nothing is better for cleaning the hair from dust and dandruff.

HAIR DYE No.2. Nitrate of silver crystals, one drachm. Strong aqua ammonia, two drachms. Distilled water, six drachms.


Something to ponder. This was a book written by "The best class of women." The problems ennumerated therein, were those that a woman of leisure, or at least of good means, would encounter in her day to day life. Imagine the catalogue of daily horrors a book written by, say, the wives of coal miners in 1879 would contain.
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