Spanish people aboard Titanic

Jul 20, 2000
Hi Mario,

You ask about Titanic's Spanish and South American Passengers. Taking their names from Hermann Soeldner's RMS Titanic Passenger and Crew List the following were Spanish:

1st Class: Mr & Mrs Penasco y Castellana, and Mrs Penasco's maid/companion Dona Oliva y Ocana. - all from Madrid.
2nd Class: The Misses Duran y More and Messrs Padro y Manent & Pallas y Castillo. - All from Barcelona going to Havana.
3rd Class: None that I am aware of.

From South and Central America and Cuba:
1st Class: Messrs Artagaveytia Gomez [Buenos Aires] and Carrau y Rovira & Carrau Estevez [Montevideo]; Mr Ovies y Rodriquez [Havana]; Mr Uruchurtu [Mexico City].
Also Peter Daly; born in England now living in Lima Peru.

I hope this helps,
Mar 10, 1998
Re: Peter Denis Daly--his mother was of Spanish descent so despite the Irish name and English birthplace, he would qualify as half-Spanish.

May 8, 2001
Hi Mario. Read the bio of Peter Denis Daly when you get the chance. He is one of my favorite passengers. A Very talented and accomplished man.(and a bushel of cute kids too!!


Apr 18, 2019
It has been discovered after 10 years of researchs that there were 10 Spanish people on board. 7 of them survived. Here you have their name and class:

1st class: María Josefa Pérez de Soto, Víctor Peñasco, Fermina Oliva (maid of María Josefa). And Servando Oviés.

2nd class: Encarnación Reynaldo, Emilio Pallás, Julián Padró, and the sisters Florentina y Asunción Durán.

CREW (recently discovered): Juan Monrós.

María Josefa and Víctor were honeymooners. They travelled with their maid Fermina. When María Josefa was on boat 8 Fermina was not allowed, and when the boat was being lowered, she started to scream as she saw that was alone on a ship that was sinking with no one who understand her language. After that, she said that she was thrown as a straw bagon on the boat when it was almost 2 meters below. Víctor died.

(Here you have a link of an interview of Fermina in 1959 ABC (Madrid) - 03/11/1959, p. 25 - Hemeroteca )

They decided to board Titanic when they were havind dinner of a very famous restaurant in Paris and they saw and advertisement of Titanic. The thing is that the mother of Víctor told them not to board a ship during their honeymoon. When the board Titanic they had spent 18 months travelling as a honeymoon, so imagen the amount of money they had. In order to avoid Víctor's mother to discover they boarded Titanic, they left on their hotel in Paris their butler to send daily letters to his mother as if he were Víctor telling about how fun they were having in Paris. The mother continued receiving letters of "his son" days after the sinking, were his son died.
María Josefa didn't want to leave Víctor and the Countess of Rothes tried to persuade her, she didn't get it and finally Víctor pushed her to Rothes when they were saying goodbye. Víctor knew that he was going to died and told María Josefa to be happy. María Josefa was comforted by the Countess of Rothes during the night as she was crying for her husband.

Servando Oviés died.

Encarnación was travelling alone. She was travelling to visit her sister who was pregnant. Something curious is that her sister reached NY years ago on board of the Carpathia. she survived.

Florentina, Asunción (sisters), Emilio and Julián were travelling together. All of them survived. The women get in a boat, the men survived after jumping on a boat which was being lowered. I don’t remember very well but I know that one of the woman was girlfriend of one of the boys. Both woman were sisters and men friends.

Juan Monrós (who has been recently discovered), is the only Spanish person in the crew. He was waiter though he wanted to be interpreter (he spoke Spanish, English and French) and he was in fact travelling to New York to find his job there. It has been difficult to discover him because he used another name because he think it made easier for him to get the job. He translated his name to French or English. He died too.

If you need more information, you can buy the book: “Los 10 del Titanic”, which explains in detail the story of each one.


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