Spousefamily of a Fireman


Yvonne Duchene

Can anyone tell me how I can find out the Spouse and children information on a Fireman on board. My mother said, her mother told her that her father left to board a ship that would never sink, never to return. The fireman is E. Williams. My grandmother was only 12, the same year the Titanic sank. She said her mother then died of a heart attack and both her and her sister were put in foster care. If I could find out the spouse and children I could prove it was my Great Great Grandfather.

Chris Dohany

Dec 12, 1999
"E. Williams" was actually Samuel Williams. He had signed on Titanic using his brother, Edward's name. However, I believe Mr. Williams was single and had no children. Unless his brother Edward was lost later on another ship, I unfortunately don't see a connection.

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