Spreckense Deutsch

Mike Herbold

Dec 13, 1999
I don't speak or spell German, inspite of the fact that half of my grandparents came from there. So this movie is not very entertaining and it's hard to accept Captain Smith and Mr. Ismay and all the passengers of various nationalities conversing in German. Is there is a translation out there? If someone has it, I'd sure like to get a copy.
Dec 12, 1999
Be careful. Did you see the message from "Der German" before it was deleted? It appeared briefly under the "S.S. Bremen" conversation. I can't read or speak German either but I understood that message. Geez. Take care.

Dave Gittins

Mar 16, 2000
An American enthusiast called Bill Walden has a translation of one version of the film at http://home.earthlink.net/~wwwalden/home.htm Evidently there are at least two versions. One ends with the ship sinking and the other includes something about the enquiries. It's understandable that it got a bit confused. Goebbels had the original director murdered before the film was finished.

It's quite a hoot! Learn how Ismay and Astor manipulated White Star shares with the idea of buying them at the bottom of the market and selling at the top after Titanic won the Blue Ribband. Get a load of Ismay's floosie, Gloria. Apparently some footage was used in A Night To Remember. Waste not, want not!

Renate Gehring

Why should Mr. Herbold be careful??? I'm said to speak English sufficiently, and I enjoy English and American movies in the original version. But for me it's very hard to accept Johann Strauss or Switzerland's Heidi conversing in English, even when the movies were produced in UK or US.

It was very funny to see "Titanic" in an Italian version some time ago, when I was with Italian friends, and Jack and Rose and all others including the Captain conversing in - Italian ... I don't expect to provoke an Italian-German conflict with this statement!

Dec 12, 1999

My comment about "be careful" had nothing to do with the movie. At about the time Mike posted this conversation, some guy who identified himself as "Der German" had made a comment in another conversation, and in German. It was just awful. I trust "Der German" has gone away for good. My admonishment to Mike was that by soliciting German input he might get that guy.

If you think it's funny to watch "Titanic" in Italian, try watching CHIPS on Malaysian tv!

Erin Fallon O'Brien-Ryan

Guten tag Herr Herbold! Sprechen sie Deutsch? I took 3 years of german, sorry, I couldn't resist. Are you referring to that Nazi propaganda movie I've heard so much about around here? Just curious.

Oct 16, 2008
In my DVD of that movie, there is english sound/language available as an option. "Iz is my duzy az a firzt offizer to inform you...." Interesting movie, but not for the Titanic value. More a time picture of propaganda.