Squash Court Light and Air shaft



The plans show a Light & Air shaft at the top of the court, which extends only as high as the 3rd class open space on D deck. Was the court getting its light and air from that location? Seems there should have been a port of some sort in the forward well deck for it, but there doesn't seem to be a source at that location (the shaft would have come out at the center point of the aft bulkhead of the well deck)
The shaft is shown on this site's deck plans between frames 83 and 84 next to the Masters At Arms cabin on E-Deck and in the 3rd class open space above on D deck immediately forward of cabins D-1 and D-2 but, as you say, there seems to be no sign of a grill/opening on the forward well deck. The H&G images attached show a vented shaft trunking on E-Deck but plain trunking in the open space on D-Deck. Mind you, the H&G Demo is far from complete at this time and as I've spotted one or two other 'departures' from the deck plans elsewhere on the ship I wouldn't read too much into that. Shame there's no access to the well deck yet to look for clues! Seems to be mainly an air vent - I can't imagine that it would provide any useful amount of light. Hopefully some of the highly knowledgable chaps within this forum can enlighten us?

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