I'm afraid I can't find a picture on the Internet using Google image search. Maybe somebody can do better, as it's something I would have expected to find.

There's a well-known drawing of the court on page 138 of The Birth of the Titanic. It's also in other books.

The court extended over two decks and included a spectators' gallery placed above and behind the players. The official size of the court had not been finalised in 1912. Titanic's was 30' x 20', which was a bit smaller than the 32' x 21' recommended by the English squash organisation. At the time, the game was in a state of flux and there were many differences between countries and even between localities. Second class passenger Charles Williams called himself World Racquets Champion, but he was stretching it a bit, as there was no world body and no standard game.
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Actually, I heard from a LA-area Titanic historian that there are no pictures of the Titanic's squash court.

One picture was taken of the court on the Olympic, taken by a person named Frank Wright, but that picture was sold at auction a few years ago. No information about whether it was ever published in any Titanic books.

John Clifford
Thanks, John! I'm pretty sure that I've never seen anything other than the drawing I mentioned. That's taken from a 1911 White Star handout and serves for both Titanic and Olympic.
I have learned from some inquiries that Ken Marschall has a, possibly the only, actual photograph of Olympic's Squash Court from what I was told it was taken sometime after WWI.

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If its the "only" photo, the one that I know about had to have been taken in 1911/12 on the Olympic, as it shows F. Wright (the one who died on Titanic) standing in the court. It doesn't show much of the court at all though. However I heard that the photo was taken in 1914, so perhaps it is of some other instructor on the Olympic in 1914. If this is the photo, Ken must have bought it at an auction in the early 90's.

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I wasnt aware of when or who took the photo, but I appreciate the input

Do you have a copy of this photo or know where I can view it as? I have never seen anything other than brochure drawings of the area.

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A common question at the Titanic exhibits was "What kind of squash did they grow in the squash court"?

My guess was 'acorn'.

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Tarn Stephanos
Interesting Topic Jonathon,
The floor of the court was on G Deck, the upper part on F Deck (which also had a viewing gallery).
It cost 50 cents per session and there was even a professional onboard, Mr. F. Wright.
The court was 30 ft. long and 20ft. wide, nowadays courts being 32 ft x 21ft. It was also 15ft 8in in height, to fit the demensions of the ship. The door was on the left side of the back wall.
Hope this helps!
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