Squash Court

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I too have always wondered if there were any pics of the SC. I know that there aren't any of Titanic's, but surely at least one must exist of Olympic's. Also, What was Britannic's used for during the war?

Sorry to add more questions rather than answers!

I know of no photos but there's a drawing on page 138 of The Birth of the Titanic by Michael McCaughan. The court was 30 ft long and was two decks high, with a spectator gallery at the end opposite the back wall. In 1912 the game was often called racquets and this term might be useful in your search.
The picture in McCaughan's book is from the special Olympic/Titanic Shipbuilder June 1911.

I have not seen or heard of any photos of this area, perhaps Ken Marschall would know the answer, pity he's not on this board.

Hi, Daniel:

You're quite right. Ken has a photo of Olympic's Squash Court that was taken sometime before World War I (although I don't know the exact year).

Eric Sauder
In official White Star publicity, it is depicted in a cutaway view of the ship as a tennis court, complete with nets.
Was this an impossibility or could the courts have been dual purpose? I'm trying to figure out what 30 feet looks like in my mind!


The court was only 30' (9.144 meters) by 20' (6.096 meters) and I think 16'6" (5.0292 meters) high. I think it's a bit small for a tennis court. I've never read any accounts about it being used as a tennis court. Anyone know?

Not unless he played ping pong!

The court was actually a bit below the size of a modern squash court, which is 32 feet x 21 feet with 18 ft 6 in minimum headroom.

Some of the descriptions of Titanic get a bit fanciful. She is supposed to have had a golf course in some versions!
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