SS America Stern

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Not as far as I know. The reports say when she separated aft of the funnel, the stern rolled over and sunk. From the looks of where she is still resting, I would think the stern would be close by. Apparently, parts can be seen at a low tide.

There are some good pictures on this site. They show her with her back broken, and before the stern separated. It is amazing her bow section still stands upright, Proud, unwilling to give in.
She was a pretty gal!
My question: how imminent is the toppling over of the front part of the ship? Those pictures show that it will only be a matter of time.
It will eventually happen as the tides wear away at her. She is very defiant, and is maintaining her dignity very well, despite what she has endured. .
Maybe NCL will buy her and the sunken stern and restore them to cruising.

Regards Dan (hoping for the Big U to be restored oneday as mentioned by NCL a few years ago.....we are still waiting)
>>Maybe NCL will buy her and the sunken stern and restore them to cruising. <<

Not happening I'm afraid. The wreck is already in extremely poor condition, getting constantly beat up, and in a state of on going collapse. I'm amazed anyone can even get permission to board the hulk.
>>hope you didnt think i was that serious???<<

That's what I hoped but I couldn't really tell. People have come and gone from this forum who've proposed crazier things and they were serious! Perhaps it might help if you use some emoticons or one of the pieces of clipart you can find HERE.
>>Ok will do in future Michael , please forgive me as i ment no disrespect to you or anyone else.<<

I didn't take it as such so not to worry. Some of that clipart can be quite useful, to say nothing of entertaining.
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