SS Atlantic


Brian Manning

My name is Brian Manning and I am looking for information about the wreck of the Atlantic. My Great Grandfather, Thomas Manning, was on the ship. Luckily for me, he survived the wreck. I never knew him because he died in 1920, but my Grandfather did talk about the incident (he was not born yet). I would appreciate any information or resources anyone could provide. Thank you.

R.W. (Bob) Love

Brian, I recently had a book released "Destiny's Voyage" which should give you information of the wreck. My great-great grand father was also a passenger aboard who obviously survived and left the story of his experience with his family and my great grand-mother who passed it on to my mother and to me as I was fortunate enough to know her from the 1930s to her death in 1959. There is a lot of research and informational sites about the wreck but they are redundant as there were only so many records, illustrations etc. published.
There are a couple other books out there, I believe one was "For the Want of Coal" and "The Two Atlantics". I hadn't heard about them until recently. I did get "The Two Atlantics" and as soon as I saw the Contents page I set it aside until mine was published. The chapter titles were almost verbatiam with mine that I had developed since 1975. I did not wish to be influenced. The book is an excellent work about the accident in 144 pages. I skimmed some of the chapters and I knew I would be redundant as well so I shifted gears after 30 years of woking off and on with the book, and with my back ground developed what, in my opinion the true cause and origin of the loss was based on documents I had available from my work with Lloyd's of London and the maritime insurance industry. I wanted the souls to be heard and the reader to be the jury so you have 355 pages to figure it out. It became an insight to pre-destiny rather than a biographical work of the tragedy itself.

Keep in mind the official passengers list is quite incomplete. There were perhaps as many as 110 passengers, some of which were stow-aways who were discovered, and others who were boarded from the docks aboard tenders that were cleared and ticketed by the purser in Liverpool and Queenstown. The completed manifest was lost with all the ships logs in the accident. My ancestor was-in fact- not listed and we learned he was a shipper with VIP status on White Star. He arrived late on the day she sailed and he was boarded under his standing free on board status with the cargo his company shipped. The official list says there were 960 passengers and crew yet as the book will point out, there were 1070 actual souls, living and recovered bodies. There were many bodies never recovered and some found miles away with others beneath the hull and left inside because the divers got more money for the salvage. Money was put up for recoveries but it became unsafe as well to get the bodies out.
I hope this will help those interested in this tragic loss. I hope we all can contribute to the SS Atlantic Heritage Park Memorial and Museum in Nova Scotia who has preserved the burial site.