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Michael Alderson

Please feel free to check out my new website dedicated the the Ward Line. A large section is devoted to the Morro Castle of 1930, including artist's color renderings of her interior appointments. Is anyone else out there interested in the Ward Line-- they were consigning cargo on the Titanic when she sank, and two Titanic passengers were bound for Havana via a Ward Line steamer. I have a huge collection of memorabilia, so if anyone needs info on this line let me know!
And I am always buying!

The site is:

Matthew Lips

Mar 8, 2001
Very, very nice. I haven't had a chance to go through it all - I had a quick peek during a quiet moment at work - but it is well worth visiting.

To see the Morro Castle as she would have looked in life makes a nice change from those sad images of a burnt-out hulk that we know so well. Certainly, as I said in the website's guest book she was a great deal more attractive than I had ever imagined.

I look forward to going through the rest of the site ASAP.

Michael Alderson

Thanks for the comments-- the MORRO CASTLE was considered by some to be the finest American vessel in service on the East Coast in the 1930s. If anyone else is interested in interior photos, there are some great color photos of her sister ORIENTE in the "Tour Through Ward Line Ships" section. These give an even clearer glimpse into life on the Ward sisters-- though they were taken in 1939, just a few years before ORIENTE was requisitioned for war service.

carol koiro

My grandmother was on the Morro Castle & we are trying to find a passenger list. Unfortunately she died about 3 years ago. Can anyone help?
Jun 6, 2003
There is a passenger list in the book "Fire At Sea" by Thomas Gallagher. It was published in 1959 but copies are available through Advanced Book Exchange and other used booksites. Hope this helps.

Jim Kalafus

Dec 3, 2000
Carol- I have been working on a passenger list for the final voyage, with several dozen of the mistakes on Gallagher's list corrected. Hildo Thiel and I have been working on it for a couple of years, and we can help you if you wish. My email is in my ET profile, just click on my name.

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