SS Normandie First Class cabin prices

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Gwyn Williams

Aug 17, 2009

I hoped someone might be able to help me with something I'm researching.

I've been trying to find out what a passenger would have paid for a trans-Atlantic voyage in first class on the Normandie. It would be great to find out the price for her maiden voyage even.

I'm trying to find a reliable source I can reference so wondered if anyone could suggest somewhere I could look and knew the how much passengers would have paid?

Any information or suggestions would be gratefully received.

Kind regards,

Jul 9, 2004
Hi Gwyn,

Harvey Ardman's Normandie: Her Life and Times states that First Class Passenger cabins started at $275 USD (1935 dollars) and did not exceed $1,400 for the maiden westbound crossing. I am assuming here that the $1,400 would have gotten you either of the Deauville or Trouville suites. So anywhere within that range is what you could expect a prospective Normandie passenger to pay (also, according to Ardman, you had to buy a $20 ticket for your dog and a $5 ticket for your cat, or caged bird.)

The next year after Normandie's entry into service, when the Queen Mary was introduced, both ships were assigned minimums of $265. (Maxtone-Graham). This is roughly $3,800 when adjusted for inflation today.

There was also an option for those wishing to simply cross the channel to pay $28.70 to travel from Plymouth to LeHavre, a Tourist Class meal included. Northbound channel crossers paid $18.50 to get from LeHavre to Southampton - this fare did not include a meal. Neither fares included a cabin. (Source: John Maxtone-Graham's Normandie by W. W. Norton & Co.)
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